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Dear WCDA Friends -
As we head into the second half of the summer and the uncertain time of planning what return to school, church, and fine arts organizations may look like, WCDA remains committed to serving our membership in several ways. 

First, we will be returning to our virtual round table series beginning this week.  These virtual round tables are a wonderful place for sharing ideas, asking questions, and staying connected with colleagues across the state.  We continue to organize them by K-12 level  (elementary, middle level, high school), collegiate, and church/community.  We also understand that as plans for the new school year progress, we may need to take a different approach and organize by in-building, hybrid, and virtual.  A full listing of dates, times and login information is linked here -https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fjgkgi2DLymVCnEKYBfc-TeJYH_Qw-S7hLzzSB4iXWU/edit?usp=sharing

Also, watch the Facebook group for updates as needed.  If you can't make a round table, don't fret, we do record the meetings and publish notes as well.

Second, the #wimusicstrong tab on the WCDA website (www.wischoral.org/wimusicstrong) is a place you can visit to look for advocacy and curriculum planning ideas.  The ad hoc committee working on the page is updating resources as they become available.  There is also contact information there for each area in case you have more questions.

Lastly, WCDA has been working diligently on producing a choral advocacy video for K-12 schools over the past couple of months.  We are in the final stages of production and will have the video available in the next few days for you to view and use to share the importance of keeping choir programs in schools.  On behalf of the production team, I wish to thank all of you that contributed to this project through your student submissions of long stories, short cell phone videos or audio recordings!  It is incredible how quickly this was able to become a reality because of your help!

WCDA acknowledges and understands the position our members find themselves in as we try to move forward during this unprecedented time.  We appreciate the time, effort, thought, and creativity that each of you is putting forth to continue to keep choral music strong in the state of Wisconsin.  We hope by providing the tools listed above, you will find connection, confidence, and support during this time. 

Joy Paffenroth - Kaukauna High School
WCDA Past President (2015-2017)

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