Nextdirection flyer 2020 final
Collegiate Symposium - July 6-10
High School Symposium - July 8-10

Event Site: University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Registration: Now OPEN!
Registration Deadline: Monday, March 30, 2020

Cost: $350
The $350 conference fee covers all housing, meal, and material costs.  Transportation to and from the conference is not covered and is the sole responsibility of each participant. 
If you are flying into Minneapolis-St. Paul, we have partnered with Groome Transportation for services. Please indicate that you would like their services at registration. This is an extra cost.

Final payment for the conference fee is due on Friday, May 29, 2020.

NextDirection Conference Mission Statement
Because WCDA believes so strongly in the value of music and its role in the elevation of the human spirit, NextDirection was created to bring together the brightest, most dynamic young people to consider a career in choral music.

Teaming passionate, like-minded students with our professions’ finest nationally/internationally renowned choral leaders, participants experience motivating rehearsals, discussions, and significant insight into the choral art.

Through this significant, process-oriented exploration of the choral music profession, participants will gain a clearer vision of possibilities for their musical future.