Why NextDirection?
Are you that high school student who loves choir, who is able to draw others around you during break, but who might not know choral education could possibly be a career for you?

Are you a college music major who is looking for some practical experience and to become a leader in choral education? Do you want to dive deeper and find a stronger connection to making music?

NextDirection is for YOU!

Teaming with WCDA master teachers, NextDirection offers you the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with some of the most dynamic choral music educators and directors in the country.

Previous NextDirection participants are now industry leaders. In Wisconsin alone, many of the WCDA leadership team’s first experiences in music education were through NextDirection.
If you want to take that next step in your choral experiences, JOIN US at NextDirection!

~~~~~ TESTIMONIALS ~~~~~

“I’ve been able to experience NextDirection in both high school and in college, and it has truly shown me what being a choral leader looks like inside and outside of the rehearsal. Working with some of the best choral educators in the nation has been a very insightful experience, and I got to build friendships and professional relationships that will last a lifetime.”
- Jacob Klingsten, Luther College

“I loved working with and meeting people who are as passionate about music education as I am. My week with NextDirection taught me more than I thought was possible!
- Samantha Carlson, St. Norbert College

“As a newly-declared music ed major, it was a great way to experience what it would be like to run a classroom. I loved the relationships formed with the people I met and it was an overall great experience.”
- Owen Mehring, Ripon College

“NextDirection was a life-changing experience surrounded by like-minded individuals at different stages of their musical and choral lives. Being able to network with a wonderful group of human beings who had a deep wealth of knowledge in the field of choral music education gave me inspiration to continue pursuing my career in choral music education, practical advice I needed to push through the difficulties I have been facing in my professional and personal life, and the warm, welcoming community of people I needed to remember why I am passionate about what I do. I came back to school refreshed and with many important concepts to ponder and friendships to foster. I recommend anyone even slightly thinking about music leadership or choral leadership to participate in NextDirection, whether as a high schooler or as a collegiate.
- Delaney Finn, Boston University

“This conference gave me the confidence to continue on my musical journey and solidified my love for music and also teaching music to students. There is no other camp like this in the United States, and this was a stepping stone into my journey as a future choral educator."
- Court Anderson, University of Sioux Falls

“NextDirection was a life-changing experience that renewed my passion for the choral arts and allowed me to forge connections with choral colleagues from around the country. Due to the geographic separation of living in Hawaiʻi, I was never able to interact with collegiate counterparts in such a meaningful setting - that is, until NextDirection. It was an incredible honor to represent our choral community in Hawaiʻi, the University of Hawaiʻi, and our lāhui (nation/race) at large. Mahalo for this outstanding opportunity!”
- Elizabeth Baker, University of Hawaii

“NextDirection was an incredible experience for me as a future music educator. I really got a view into what it would be like to pursue choral music while learning under the incredible conductor Henry Leck. Attending this conference solidified my decision to be a music educator!”
- Erica Breitbarth, choral teacher at Reagan High School, Milwaukee, WI

“Over the years, I have sent many students to NextDirection. Each has come back inspired, enlightened, and excited to consider a career in choral music – many are in the classroom today. The combination of real-world information with inspirational clinicians has been transformational.”
- Karen Bruno, Northwest Girlchoir (Seattle, WA)

“In a world where everyone wants you to have experience going into a job, but no one is willing to hire on someone on the ground floor, Next Direction is an incredible way to gain experience teaching when you don't have a lot to begin with, creating lasting personal and professional relationships. It's a brand new way to enjoy the shared human experience through sound and music.”
- Francis McGinty, Bar Manager at Gamlin Whiskey House, St. Louis, MO.