Wisconsin Choral Directors Foundation (WCDF) supports underserved students and teachers by providing financial assistance for opportunities to engage with, be inspired by, and grow through choral music.

Help WCDF raise funds and build an endowment to meet the long-term mission to support underserved students and teachers. Send your checks and be part of the legacy from the start!
Wisconsin Choral Directors Foundation
Attn:  Vaughn Ausman, Treasurer
5830 S Lory Ln
Hales Corners, WI 53130

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If you prefer to give to scholarships that will be used this academic year, please donate at this WCDA page: https://www.wischoral.org/donations
Thank you to these kind donors who are helping to build an endowment for the Wisconsin Choral Directors Foundation!
We are profoundly grateful for supporters like you!
Contributor (up to $99)
Christine Ryder (1/12/24)
Jenny Hutton (1/13/24)
Rachel Zarzyski (1/13/24)
Linda Ruona (1/14/24)
Tracy Garon (2/11/24)
Eva Stokes (3/4/24)
Abigail Bordak (6/24/24)

Supporter ($100-499)
Richard Bjella (1/11/24)
Sarah Milton (1/13/24)
Abbegayle Lane (1/13/24)
Chiwei Jerry Hui (1/17/24)
Daniel Van Sickle (3/5/24)
Cheryl Meyer (3/10/24)
Dan Krunnfusz (6/24/24)

Champion ($500-999)
Carol Dahle (3/4/24)

Sustainer ($1000-2999)
Susan McAllister (1/8/24)
Mark Scheffler (6/25/24)

Advocate ($3000-4999)
Cynthia Stiehl (1/18/24)

Benefactor ($5000+)
Rebecca Renee Winnie (1/16/24)

WCDF Board of Directors 2024-25

Susan McAllister

Chiwei Jerry Hui

Vaughn Ausman

Richard Bjella
Scott Foss

Matthew Wanner - WCDA Liason
Tina Weiss

Link to WCDF Bylaws: Wisconsin Choral Directors Foundation Bylaws.pdf

Link to WCDF Talking Points: WCDF Talking Points