Donations for Need-Based Student Scholarships for WCDA Projects

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Scholarship Donors

July 2022-June 2023

Oratorio Donors ($400+)

Cantata Donors ($250-399)

Part-Song Donors ($150-249)
Chris McGinley

Motet Donors ($50-149)
Mike Jones
Amy Baker
Steve Sieck
Carol Dahle in honor of Greg Carpenter: founder of Singing in WI
Carol Dahle in memory of Dr. Carl Chapman
Brad Burrill
James B Kinchen in memory of Wallace Cheatham
James B Kinchen in memory of Kurt Chalgren
James B Kinchen in memory of Carl Chapman 

Canon Donors (up to $49)
In honor of John Albrecht
Jennifer Lemirande
Lincoln Likness
Jess Friendshuh


Program Sponsors

NextDirection, Singing in Wisconsin, State Conference, All-State
July 2022-June 2023
July 2023
NextDirection sponsorship provided by Rebecca Renee Winnie
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