WCDA is saddened to share that Singing in Wisconsin has been postponed until Fall 2022 due to safety concerns with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to a 30th Anniversary relaunch on November 12, 2022! Check out the forthcoming issue of The Voice to learn more about what's next for Singing in Wisconsin. We hope to see you and your singers there when this beloved annual festival returns next Fall! 

We have many exciting updates planned for 2021! High school students will now be able to experience a capella singing as a day-long workshop at Singing in Wisconsin. The Treble and Bass Clef choirs have been combined into a mixed-voice Middle-Level choir. And, students are no longer required to learn their music before the festival; all music will be now learned at the event itself!

About - Singing in Wisconsin (SIW) is a perfect place for those students who just love to sing regardless of ability.  This event, which takes place at four sites throughout Wisconsin on the second weekend of November, is for any choir student who loves to sing and wants to be a part of this day.  For some students, it is the one time a year where they can sing with a large group of students and truly feel the power of singing with many voices. For other students, it is a day to connect with new friends and work together to create a significant musical moment.  The cost per student is $45 ($20 for free/reduced lunch); all participants receive a t-shirt.

We welcome donations from individuals who wish to sponsor the cost of participation for a child who is not able to afford the registration fee for Singing in Wisconsin! Singing in Wisconsin accepts all singers, regardless of ability.

A $45 donation allows one child to attend Singing in Wisconsin. Please click on this link to donate!