WCDA All-State Program
All-State Choir celebrates some of our best young singers in the state.  The event is open to students from fifth grade through college, and is part of the WCDA Conference in January.  Students are chosen based on director nominations and should be trustworthy, skilled musicians who demonstrate academic prowess, intrinsic motivation, and focus in rehearsal.  In All-State, students get the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s best teacher-conductors, culminating in a final performance to the public.  The All-State Choirs challenge students to push their musicianship to a new level while giving them the joy and satisfaction of getting to sing alongside other distinguished musicians.

Directors nominate students online during September. Choir rosters are determined for each ensemble and directors and students are notified in early October. Students are required to learn their music before the event in January.  Throughout this process, All-State choir coordinators will communicate with music teachers who can pass that information on to their participating students.  As a choir director, you are encouraged to attend the WCDA Conference and/or the final All-State performances.  

  • September 1 - Information Published & Nominations Open 
  • September 29 - Nominations Close at 9 pm
  • October 2 - Acceptance Notifications & Registration Opens 
  • October 9 - Registration (with payment) Close & Alternates Notified 
  • Early November - Music shipped to teachers/singers

There are six ensembles in the All-State Choir Experience. Please visit the following choir-specific sub-pages for more information and details: 
Details/Info for...
Children's Choir
Collegiate Choir 
Middle-Level Choir 
Bass Clef Choir
Treble Clef Choir
Vocal Jazz Choir

WCDA All-State Concert Tickets for Saturday, January 13 are now available to purchase online by visiting We encourage online ticket purchases in advance to alleviate box office congestion before each concert.

Registration fees help cover the cost of music, meals, rehearsal spaces, choir staff (accompanists and conductors), performance venues, housing (for Middle Level, Treble Clef, Bass Clef, and Vocal Jazz), commemorative t-shirts, and professional audio recording services. All registration fees are non-refundable. 

WCDA provides need-based partial scholarships for students participating in the All-State choirs. Scholarship applications should be submitted by parents/guardians by September 29. Notification of choir acceptance and scholarships will be sent to choir teachers on October 2. Here is the Scholarship
Application Form:

We highly encourage teachers to use the Template for Student Nomination Invitation Letter & Form when considering student nominations. By using this form, you can outline all important information for the students you wish to nominate. If nominated and accepted, students are expected to register. If a student/parent does not register (and pay) by the deadline, alternates will be notified.

Nominations for 2024 are NOW CLOSED

Contact Eva Stokes, All-State Chair at


“I was so excited to be accepted into the choir! Being in All-State helped me grow as a person, without a doubt, and gave me more confidence to go and do what I want to do!”

“I really enjoyed meeting other people with the same passion I have and being able to do what I love, which is music.”

“Our director was encouraging and inspiring and really offered a greater insight and resurgence of why I love music and why I am choosing to study it. I absolutely loved this experience and hope many after me continue to get to sing with such a supportive and friendly group!”

“Being in choir has helped me stand out more. I was normally a shy kid growing up. Now I’m known as the guy who isn’t afraid of any type of social situation. Choir has also taught me about many different cultures and different ways of expressing myself. It has inspired me to go out and look for all different types of adventure.”

“My favorite part of the experience was the fact that there was ZERO judgment. Everyone was there for different reasons but no one felt targeted or uncomfortable during the experience. We all got pretty close and even got to share some information about ourselves. All-state isn't really just about being a part of a talented choir – it is also about meeting new people, getting to experiment, going to a different town, and crawling out of your comfort zone. Most importantly, it is a chance to get to share similar interests with people you don't know! I made so many friends at All-State that I still talk to today.”

“The All-State Choir was a great opportunity and I am so glad to have been a part of it. We spent two days working hard on learning five pieces and still had fun along the way. This taught me that you can do anything you put your mind to. Though we spent a lot of time working, we also had plenty of time to make friendships. There were so many talented people in that one room...Knowing they were all here for one reason boosted my confidence. I sang my heart out because I knew I wouldn't be judged, knowing everyone here cares as much as I do.  Halfway through the performance, I looked around. At the conductor, fellow singers, and the audience. I was holding in tears. I was about to cry on stage because you really built a family in those two days together. I may not know all of them personally, but leaving them was so hard. I loved this experience and hope to have it again.”

Thank you for your support of our excellent young Wisconsin musicians.

If you would like to support a young musician with a scholarship to attend All-State, please use this link to donate.