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How does your donation help?

We welcome the opportunity for corporations and individuals to support NextDirection!

Consider, for a moment, the future of choral music. Are we doing everything we can to encourage our best and brightest young leaders to pursue a career in choral conducting? We must think very seriously about how to ensure a strong future for our craft.

Examine the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. STEM education is the #1 corporate investment initiative, yielding $350 billion annually. Clearly, the STEM fields have invested in their future, but our field is different. The choral art form is best learned as an apprentice, yet our classrooms and our honor ensembles (i.e. all-region and all-state choirs) are not set up for conductor apprenticeship.

Future conductors, currently in high school or college, need to get a glimpse of what it is like to plan and implement a rehearsal themselves. They need a choral experience that is process-oriented, reflective, and adaptive. They need NextDirection.

In Wisconsin, where NextDirection was born, past participants of NextDirection are now not only teaching great choral music in the classroom, but they are also leaders in the state. They are exemplary master teachers, they are advocates for music education for the disadvantaged in places like the inner city of Milwaukee, and they are board members of WCDA.  Your donation to NextDirection will help impact the next generation of choral directors and the future of music education. What can your donation do?

A donation of $500.00 sponsors one participant.
A donation of $1,000.00 sponsors the overhead costs - badges, music, shirts, etc.
A donation of $1,500.00 sponsors the collaborative pianist for the week.
A donation of $2,000.00 sponsors the facilities costs
A donation of $4,000.00 sponsors the guest clinician
A donation of $10,000.00 sponsors the housing and meals
And finally, a donation of $25,000 sponsors the costs of the entire conference

Our children deserve the very best, and NextDirection helps guide young musicians on a path to provide the very best music education possible.

Make a difference in the future of music education! Make your donation today!